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Infrastructure & services

We rely for our research on important infrastructure to perform controlled experiments in the lab and outside, and provide several services to externals. Please contact us for enquiries and more information.


A fully equipped soil ecology lab with extraction devices for pedofauna and inverse microscope

A drone with specialized cameras for collecting aerial images (in collaboration with the Geography dept.)

A battery of incubators for plant and arthropod breeding

Optical equipment and cameras for high resolution and automatised processing of samples and movement tracking

Tracking material, including GPS transmitters and receivers for vertebrates

A Molecular Platform from the faculty of Sciences in which we participate

Five temperature-controlled plant and animal breeding rooms

Breeding and experimental outdoor cages for ornithological research (at VOC Oostende)

A fully integrated animal respirometry system for O2, CO2 and H2O gas analysis


Identifications of insects and arthropods by specialists

Connectivity assessment for spatial planning