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PDF Teyssier A., Rouffaer L.O., Saleh Hudin N., Strubbe D., Matthysen E., Lens L. & White J. (2017). Inside the guts of the city: urban-induced alterations of the gut microbiota in a wild passerine. Science of the Total Environment 612: 1276-1286.
PDF Rouffaer L.O., Lens L., Haesendonck R., Teyssier A., Salleh Hudin N., Strubbe D., Haesebrouck F., Pasmans F. & Martel A. (2016). House Sparrows Do Not Constitute a Significant Salmonella Typhimurium Reservoir across Urban Gradients in Flanders, Belgium. PLoS ONE.
PDF Sellah Hudin N., Strubbe D., Teyssier A., de Neve L., White J., Janssens G.P.J. & Lens L. (2016). Predictable food supplies induce plastic shifts in avian scaled body mass. Behavioral Ecology 27: 1833-1840.

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